Vikram’s ‘ I ‘ latest trailer rocks

I-Movie-New-LookIncreasing the curiosity and expectation levels in fans, Shankar has released the enw theatrical trailer of his latest flick ‘ I ‘ yesterday at 10 pm. And the response of the trailer is simply great,as it was received well by Shankar-Vikram fans across the world and getting good applause for it.

Watch this promo to known why Vikram should be treated as the greatest actor of his generation! Amy Jackson will be seen in a role which offers her scope to perform and also look glamorous when required. She has done a brilliant job.

Just like any other films of Shankar, ‘I’ has got a solid script, hero who is capable of doing anything, a gorgeous heroine, intriguing background score, fabulous camera work, extraordinary visual effects, death-defying stunts and grandeur.

Already with “Robo”, Shakar has given Indian Cinema a Hollywood touch with the extraordinary visual effects and taking, and he only doubled those expectation with his ‘I’ now.

Fans need to wait just few more days to witness this celluloid wonder in their favourite theatres.

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