Vinayak fixed the opening shot for Akhil?

Akhil And Vinayak Movie Opening Stills (11)There are many of them who are eagerly waiting for the regular shoot of Akhil-Vinayak movie. Already huge craze was built when Vinayak was confirmed for Akhil’s debut, and that has only touched the sky when hero Nithin came forward to produce the movie. Here is some confidential information that has come out about the first day of Akhil-Vinayak film’s shoot.

As per the inside talk of the industry, it is learnt that Akhil’s debut project’s shooting will be started in the streets of old city in Hyderabad on 7th January it seems. Vinayak is planning some action sequences for the day 1 shoot so that Akhil will feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Considering the age and personality of Akhil, it would be interesting to see how would Vinayak shoot action sequences on Akhil,as heavy fights wouldn’t suit him much. Lets wait few more days to know that.

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