War between Manchu Brothers..!

138929Vetern actor Mohan Babu’s sons Manchu Vishnu and Manchu Manoj both have good following among masses. While Manoj right from the beginning acted in mass flicks, Vishnu dabbled with mass and comedy entertainers.
Now many are wondering who will win the war between Manchu brothers Vishnu and Manoj. Manchu Vishnu is starring in Dynamite under the direction of Deva Katta. The film is a re-make of Arima Nambi. Film stars Praneetha and is slated for release in August.
At the same time Manchu Manoj is starring in ‘Attack’ under the direction of Ram Gopal Varma. Film stars Surabhi and slated for September release. Manoj is taking it as prestige as this is his first film after marriage.
With both the films releasing in gap of couple of weeks, many are wondering who will win war between Manchu brothers. Mohan Babu loves both his sons shake box-office by showing the might of Manchu family.

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