Was there any pun intended by Mahesh ?

mahesh samantha trivikramIts been almost an year since this issue happened where, glamour doll Samantha made some controversial comments on Mahesh-Sukumar’s film ‘1 -Nenokkadine’ .
Samantha found it to be regressive in that poster where heroine Krithi Sanon seem to be crawling on her knees in a beach to touch Mahesh legs , This has certainly shook entire Tollywood, and few angry fans of Mahesh has literally taken up on Samantha on twitter. But either Mahesh or Sukumar has responded then.

But the other day whoever has watched Samtha’s interview with Mahesh and Trivikram at “Memusaitam’ event, say that Superstar has taken on her intentionally . And they also quote one or two excerpts of the interview to find some truth in their arguments. When Samantha stated about her recent flops and Trivikram expressed his surprise, then Mahesh quipped, “Recently she has taken two beatings” (Ee Madhya rendu kajaalu tinesindi… baaga gattiga tagilesai), in a satirical tone. And then when Sam openly asked if she is going to be the heroine in upcoming Mahesh-Trivikram movie, then our hero openly ridiculed her.

“We both will work for a film, but can’t say if you will be heroine or not. Script has to suit you know?” Mahesh splashed a pun. Also in the end, our Superstar spoke about Shruti Haasan and her talents, making Samantha frown. This looked like fun for the audience there and the viewers on tv but, most of them believe that Mahesh has done a tit for tat for her comments about his film’s poster.

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