We Should Have 4 Baahubali’s Every Year..AR Rahman

The audio launch of Cheliya took place in Hyderabad today, 21st March. Speaking at the event, AR Rahman said that he was proud to see how Telugu cinema has evolved over the years. Here is Rahman’s full speech.

“Whenever we do a Tamil film and have a Telugu version, the first comment would be, Telugu songs are sounding better, no matter how much hard we try. I think as a language itself Telugu sounds so sweet. I still remember those days when all 4 regional cinemas (Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada) used to be together as one film hub. I was upset that everything went into different ways. But I am really proud that Telugu cinema has evolved so much. You have a Baahubali now. You made the whole world turn towards it. I think you should have like 4 Baahubalis every year. We could have it as one industry like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and regional languages, all coming out with some amazing movies. So the term Bollywood won’t be there, and the whole Indian cinema would be recognized as one. Mani Ratnam is my brother, guide and everything. I want to thank him for this 25 years of opportunity and inspiration.”

AR Rahman is in Hyderabad as the Chief Guest for Mani Ratnam’s ‘Cheliya’ audio launch this morning. The ace musician speaking at the event hailed Telugu cinema and went on to say that Tollywood has come a long way ahead and a film like ‘Baahubali’ should come every year which will automatically put Telugu films on the world map.

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