Well done Taapsee “Baby”

Tapsee (3)Few heroines become top heroines just because of their sex appeal or hottest physique. And few other heroines become top heroines because of their acting skills. And unfortunately few sexy heroines like Taapsee Pannu, cannot become top or busy heroine though they have both acting abilities with sufficient glamor quotient. Though Taapsee hasn’t made a big name in Tollywood as a ‘successful’ heroine, but she got huge fan base for her glamorous looks and adorable smile. Still, she has to walk out as offers are not coming her way.

And then she stepped into Bollywood hoping for a brighter career there.Taapsee has done couple of films there and her latest movie ‘Baby’ released the other day. Taapsee is not seen much longer in the flick but, her ten minute role getting applause from all sections of audience for her dare devil stunts in it.

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