What did Sania miss being late?

Sania MirzaShe is the Tennis sensation and also the brand ambassador for Telangana state Government . Any guesses? Yes, its all about Sani Mirza ,who keeps traveling across the world for various events and tournaments could not visit Taj Mahal till date. When she got an opportunity to visit that epic monument, she missed it being late . Read how?
Former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble and Sania mirza were in Agra on Tuesday for an event organized by Jaypee Palace hotel. Sania was denied entry to the 17th Century Monument as the gates of Taj Mahal were already closed by the time she arrived. The Tennis queen took the picture of Taj from a far away distance.
She seems to have not satisfied with that, hence she stayed back in Agra for the night and visited Taj on Wednesday morning. Sharing her joy with her fans and friends, she tweeted this above pic this morning. Being such a reputed player and an official bran ambassador for a state Government, learn to be punctual baby,otherwise that could cost you much in the future. 

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