What happened to ‘Paathasala’ stars?

afd2PatashalaTeluguMoviePosters2For every film, it needs huge promotion these days to make sure it reaches public well. If you fail to do proper promotion for your film, one must say you have nailed it.Each film maker has their own style of promoting a film. From past couple of weeks at many public hangout places in Hyderabad, a bunch of young people holding Paathshala movie placards are spotted promoting the movie. Even many online users have come across #MY #LIFE #MY #PAATHSHALA campaign as their friends posting pics telling their Paathshala stories in social networking platforms.
Mercedes Benz mini bus used in Paathshala film is seen roaming in the city spreading the word of release in public. New tactics which have been implemented by Paathshala makers is getting the needed attention but people inside film industry  and movie goers got a logical doubt in this strongly going promotions.
Most of the cast are new comers in Paathhsla film as they are baby stepping into glamour world, debutante actors make sure to participate in their film promotional activities but surprisingly this is not happening in Paathshala movie. Producers of Paathshala  and their cast in the closed doors would have the answer about what went wrong between them. But at the end of the day solo purpose of letting public know that there is a film titled Paathshala is in the market is accomplished. Paathshala fighting all odds and clearing many hurdles is all set for release on 10th October, 2014.


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