What happened to “Sridevi” and “Spot”?

0India’s one of the renowned film directors, RGV is well known for his controversial tweets on twitter and his candid announcements of his upcoming projects in a row. But, we never get any updates on his flicks that are on sets. Latest example for that is his recently started “Sridevi”. In fact RGV has created lot of buzz in film circles with some spicy posters of “Sridevi” but none of them is aware that what is the status of the movie. Following that, RGV has again made a buzz with his yet another flick ” Spot” releasing some first look posters etc and again no updates on this flick too.

On the flip side, RGV is now busy making in “365 Days” and also announced a bilingual film with Sachi Joshi. Apart from all these projects, RGV is making another flick called “Golusu” with rocking star Manchu Manoj and Prakash Raj in the main leads. Recently , RGV has released a song of ‘Spot’ in Twitter but , few hardcore fans of RGV are just wondering like where did “Sridevi” disappear?

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