What is the story behind Samantha’s tattoo?

SamanthaIn Film industry , it will be a news anything that is related to actors. Especially if something that is related to heroines, it will be a news and many of them keep their concentration on that particular news for a while. We have seen many heroines inked on their body with tattoos . Few go unnoticed but , few gets the complete attention.

Earlier, we have seen hot girls Nayanatara, Deepika Padukone, Trisha got tattooed on different parts of their body. Deepika got the name RK(Ranbir Kapoor) and Nayan got the letter PD (Prabhu Deva) on their napes (Lower part of neck). But unfortunately, both of them have broken up their relation with Ranbir and Prabhudeva . But comepared to these two girls, Samantha seems to be too intelligent as she also got inked a tattoo on her neck that reads “Just You”.
And this was done when Samantha was deeply in love with Siddardh. As she did not mention any name in the tattoo, Samantha need not hide her tattoo for any reason. This tattoo can be applicable to any other person whom she falls in love with further. Gread idea isn’t it?

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