What made Lakshmi Manchu kick out Dhanraj?

Lakshmi-Manchu-Dhanraj647x450Film Industry is an egoistic field itself where Ego rules everybody here. Talent comes later but, right attitude matter first,they say. This is one of such incidents where “Ego” played a pivotal role and given injustice to a budding comedian. Lets see how did that happen?

We all know that Lakshmi Manchu in a female lead role, “Pilavani Perantam” movie was grandly launched in Hyderabad on Tuesday morning. In which, budding comedian Dhanraj is also playing a key role. As soon as the launch took place, Dhanraj was kicked out of the project overnight it seems.

When we tried to get some cue of the story,it was a real shocker for everyone of us that Lakshmi Manchu was the person who did it. It is said that, Dhanraj has claimed that he is doing a hero role in “Pilavani Perantam” movie in his friends circle. And this was known by some of Lakshmi Manchu’s fans and then everybody started poking her on twitter to pair up with such a B-grade comedian.

Naturally, Lakshmi Manchu was offended by these comments it seems. In result, she is said to be threaten the makers of the film of walking out of the project,if Dhanraj is not removed right away from the project. With no other option left in their hands, makers of “Pilavani Perantam” have abruptly removed Dhanraj from the film and calmed down Lakshmi Manchu it seems.

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