What Renu Desai is trying to say actually?

1413208181_renu-desai-2We all know that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s ex wife Renu Desai is very active on social networking sites wby sharing her thoughts all the time . Renu always stand in headlines whenever she tweets something, as her tweets either directly or indirectly will be related to Pawan Kalyan most of the times. Here she does the same again . Her recent tweets have become a point of discussion every where as people believe she might have targeted her former husband Pawan Kalyan.

Few hours ago, Renu Desai tweeted : “He doesn’t like goodbyes ~ I don’t like hello’s. Yes, I broke the promise…I promised I will never love any other but you ever but, I fell in love with a person way better than you…Me!”.

The recent tweets of the former actress gained prominence as they did arrive just a couple of days after Pawan Kalyan went all the way to Pune for the 5th Birthday of his Daughter Aadya. Why do Renu Desai invite unnecessary issues by posting these confusing/indirect tweets? Actually, Such tweets would do no good to her in any way.

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