What’s wrong between Rajasekhar and RGV?

Its an open secret that once upon a crazy star Rajasekhar and once upon a time crazy director Ram Gopal Varma are having a tough period these days. Especially Rajasekhar ,as he had a hit ages back. And of course even RGV has seen a genuine commercial success long back. And we also know that RGV started a film with Rajasekhar long back which is titled as “Patta Pagalu”, a thriller. Trailers also came and release was also expected but a sudden silence came in.

As per the inside reports, we learnt that there were some creative differences have been raised between RGV and Jeevitha- Rajasekhar it seems. As we know that RGV is not the person who sits idle,he moved on with few other projects putting this film on hold. At the same time even Rajasekhar got busy with his “Gaddam Gang” . Though the correct reasons are unknown, Rajasekhar couple are very much upset with RGV it seems. Stay tuned for more details on this.

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