Where did this ‘Latchu’ has come from?

download (1)Few heroes elevate their characters in the film and few heroes get elevated by the characters they play in a film. If we have to talk about “Devadas” for ANR, “Alluri Seetarama Raju” for Krishna in olden days, and “Pokiri” for Mahesh Babu, “Gabbar Singh’ for Pawan Kalyan ,”Gajini’ for Surya etc in this generation to mention. It is their prowess of performance that builds the flavor of the character and connects with the audience. Aamir Khan did something like that in ‘Ghajini’ while Mahesh Babu did that in ‘Pokiri’ and so did Pawan Kalyan in ‘Gabbar Singh’.

Now, the talk in filmnagar circles and some groups of youngsters is about this character called Latchu. Who is this guy? Well, Latchu is the character essayed by Arvind Krishna in the new movie ‘Mana Kurralle’. Inside reports reveal Arvind has pumped this role with a high dose of energy and adrenalin that will strike an instant connection with the masses and youth.

Directed and produced by Veera Sanker of ‘Gudumba Shankar’ fame, ‘Mana Kurralle’ is slated to be a wholesome commercial entertainer. Talk is that Latchu’s character will stand as a highlight and something the audience will carry home when they leave the theatres. It looks like we need to wait till November 21st to see experience this treat.

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