Where does she like to travel most?

Lakshmi ManchuEvery individual will have their own taste of habits,hobbies. Even actress/producer Lakshmi Manchu has her own taste of hobbies. Not many know that,Manchu Lakshmi is a big travel buff. Whenever she is off the work, she just likes to travel and travel to visit new places.She likes adventurous trips very much.
 Speaking on her traveling experiences,Lakshmi said “I have visited so many countries. But, My visit to Kailasa-Manasa Sarovar is an unforgettable experience. Me, My Husband Andy and 58 others have gone to this trip tourist spot in September this year,”
Even though the oxygen levels would be low at Kailasa-Manasa Sarovar and the tourist have to face several health issues, Lakshmi Manchu dared to visit the place to fulfill her childhood dream and thank Lord Shiva for blessing her with a baby girl.
Vaishali Sha Patel is the one who guided the 60 member tourist group to Kailasa-Manasa Sarovar. She has successfully completed the tour for nearly 70 times in the past.

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