Where has “Crazywala” gone?

20-crazywala-ms-narayanaIt is a very normal thing in film industry that few projects start of with much hype and build craze over it, and then all of a sudden projects will be shelved without anybody’s notice. Top comedian MS Narayana’s latest flick as main lead, there was moves started named “Crazywala” few months ago. And now everyone is wondered that what happened to the movie now?

When the film was announced, few stills came out and many felt it was like a spoof on the AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal. Anyhow, the film was to be directed by Mohan Prasad and produced by Hrishikesh Goud. If this project materializes, it would be interesting to see how M S would entertain as a hero. Let us hope this works out soon.

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