Who Is Dhoni ?Raai Laxmi

Actress Raai Laxmi At IIFA Event Photos,Actress Raai Laxmi At IIFA Event Pics,Actress Raai Laxmi At IIFA Event Stills,Actress Raai Laxmi At IIFA Event,Actress Raai LaxmiNoted actress Raai Laxmi, the sizzling and stylish beauty, is now a sensation, for the viral pictures and trailer of Julie 2, featuring her.

During a recent media interaction, the Mankatha actress was asked about Dhoni, for which Raai Laxmi replied, “Who is Dhoni?”. This reply from her has gone viral over the social media, which has also actually not been well received by Dhoni’s fans.

Raai Laxmi also added, “This needs to have a full stop. It was a long time ago, he is happily married now, he has kids… Certain things don’t work out, and then you have to move on.”

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