Who is “Satyamurthy” by the way?

Son Of SatyaMurty Movie Stills (4)Stylish Star Allur Arjun and stylish film maker Tivikram Srinivas’s latest flick is titled as “S/O Satyamurthy”,which is fine so far as Bunny is S/o Satyamurthy. But who is Satyamurthy by the way? Ever since this title is announced officially, everybody started making their own guesses that who could be this Satyamurthy?

As we have Rajendraprasad in the movie, most of them are guessing that he is Satyamurthy, playing Bunny’s father. His feat-honesty in Aa Naluguru kind of movies makes him ideal for Satyamurthy. Other than him, we have Prakash Raj riding our minds for this role. It is confirmed by insiders that Prakash is the lucky one to play that honest character written by magical writer Trivikram.

Even as per the unit members inside talk, it is learnt that Satyamurthy is none other than Prakash Raj himself. Let’s wait and see for few more days to confirm it if this news is to be believed..what say?

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