Why are producers talking about Sam?

Why are producers talking about Sam,Samantha,A Aa MovieSamantha has always been called the golden lady of the industry. Wherever she goes, there is box office hit. But that’s not why the producers are talking about her.
The producers are talking about Samantha, her tweets and movies. Wondering how are they related? Basically, the discussion is about how Sam tweets so much about a movie before it’s release and after it’s release she will tweet about the movie only if the talk is nice or else she won’t even talk about that movie anywhere else.
For instance, before ‘Brahmotsavam’ released she spoke and tweeted so much about the movie, but after it released and became a disaster, she didn’t utter a word. But since the time ‘A..Aa’ released and doing really great, she is continuously tweeting and re-tweeting about how well the movie is doing.
In a way, it is wrong but it’s ones own choice.

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