Why “Chandamama Kathalu” and why not “Manam” ?

chandamama kathalu lyrics - sharelyrics4uThe announcement of the 62nd National Award winners list has raised many eyebrows in Tollywood , especially to see “Chandamama Kathalu” winning an award and “Manam” is no where in the list. The multi-narrative film Chandamama Kathalu, directed by Praveen Sattaru, has been adjudged the Best Regional Film in Telugu and we express our hearty congratulations to the team. However, looks like the jury has overlooked the last year’s emotional tale, Manam, completely.

On the face of it, Manam seems so simple a film about the converging of lives of several interrelated characters. But it is only after understanding the director’s brilliance in crafting this beautiful yet complex tale with utmost amazement that one can appreciate the film’s magic. The film’s director Vikram Kumar rightfully deserves all the laurels.

So, everyone is wondering now that why was “Manam” forgotten by everyone? Did the jury think that “Manam” isn’t that worth as “Chandamama Kathalu”? Really? But the awards jury had pushed aside Manam, which was well deserved for the award and surprised everyone by choosing Mary Kom for the Best Popular Movie Award. Interestingly, the film was neither a critical nor commercial success when it was released. Already, the social media is abuzz against the jury’s decision to award the film. Let us hope that Manam will be duly honoured in the state government’s Nandi Awards at least.

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