Why did Chaitu become furious over Akhil?

Akhil-Chaitanya_1368518066This is quite an interesting news to many of us, as we all know that Naga Chaitanya and Akhil  are not own siblings ,but they still share very good bonding with each other. But what made Naga Chaitanya to become furious on Akhil Akkineni? Here is the story…read on.
Unlike many other star-kids, Chay, as he loves to be called, is a different guy as he prefers cleaning his car himself and washing the bike. He is very much serious of cars and bikes, as he treats them like his babies. One day he brought a swanky new car and got it re-designed with alloy wheels, flashy bumpers and sports stickers all over. At a time when he left that car at home, his younger brother Akhil drove it out without his permission. After enjoying a joy ride with friends, Akhil then carefully parked it at the place, but the next minute Chay called him up on phone and blasted like never. That’s the first and last time, Chay got furious on his brother.
This incident was revealed by none other than Akhil himself as the youngster says that his brother loves cars and bikes like anything. Ask Chay, how come he came to know about Akhil driving out his car. ‘When a baby is suffering from fever, mother knows it, no one should tell her’, Chay replied. That’s the connect!

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