Why did Tapsee cry when India win?

Taapsee New Photos (6)After three smooth wins, for the first time yesterday, Team India has witnessed a fight-back situation as their league match against West Indies has turned tough as Indian top order succumbed to West Indies pace attack very early. But finally India managed to pull off a victory, thanks to Dhoni’s patient innings. But , why did curly beauty Tapsee cry in between?

In fact, whenever there is time, Taapsee these days is looking into various things and sharing those stuff with fans. Today she attended a charity event and shared quite a lot of things. “When I’m watching cricket today afternoon, my eyes somehow turned wet. Can someone tell me why I always have wet eyes when Indian national anthem plays in all such events!? What’s there to cry?”, asked Taapsee, adding that our National Anthem is the best. Probably patriotism stood tall in her.

After seeing all this, can’t we stop ourselves from saying “Don’t get so emotional “baby” ?

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