Why did Vijaya Nirmala cry in public?

vijaya nirmalaThough you may not believe, but Vijaya Nirmala has cried in public the other day for real. Still if you do not believe, check this story out. Yesteryear actress-director Vijaya Nirmala has broken down on stage on Tuesday during her felicitation organised by Telangana Stree Sakthi organisation at Ravindra Bharati. And no, they’re not “happy” tears. Vijaya Nirmala was quite upset as there were neither guests nor audiences present. The event was supposed to be attended by Telangana deputy CM Rajaiah and Deputy Speaker Padma Devender Reddy but both gave the event a miss. Adding to it, the crowd present was hardly ten in number in the auditorium.

And that has naturally hurt this Guinness record holder director and made her burst out into tears. Vijaya Nirmala openly expressed. “Since my childhood, I’ve been felicitated several times but I’ve never seen before such very little attendance. I started my career as an actor at the age of seven and I was felicitated then several times, and many used to come to encourage me. An award, felicitation is an encouragement to any actor/actress. I thank you all as at least you’re present. This is my second award from Telangana government and I’m saddened for the poor response for the Telangana Stree Sakthi Awards.
I’m happy that at least you’ve come.”

Less crowd must have hurt her deeply, Vijaya Nirmala has not taken the award and left the venue immediately after her speech.

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