Why didn’t she get the attention?

SadaWith her super hit flicks like “Jayam”, “Aparichitudu”, actress Sada became a heart throb for youth some time back. Eventually, after a few flops, this beautiful and talented heroine lost her charm and slowly disappeared from Tollywood. And now after a long time, she recently sizzled in S. V Krishna Reddy’s come back flick in Tollywood “Yamaleela-2” as Deva Kanya.

But surprisingly, two other girls of the film Diah Nicolas and Nisha Kothari grabbed the attention side lining Sada,to good effect. Sada looked beautiful and done her part well, but still she couldn’t get the needed attention . So, is this yet another proof given by the Telugu movie lovers that they are no more interested in her? Will Sada repent of choosing “Yamaleela-2” as her come back film in Tollywood?Can she get another chance in Telugu movies?Time will decide. Lets wait and see.

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