Why is Hansika afraid of lip locking scenes?

HansikaSighting the reason of the demand in the script, these days many directors unnecessarily including kissing scenes in the movie. And Off late, kissing scenes have become very common in all languages films. Even many heroes and heroines are also willing to do such lip locking scenes. But, recently we have heard that stylish star Allu Arjun has decided not to do any lip locking scenes in the future for his own reasons. Here comes another beauty, chubby Hansika who also says that she is no more interested in kissing scenes. And you will be wondered to know the reason. Check the story.

It is learnt that Hansika feels that smooching is the route for bacterial infections spreading from one to other.She feels lip locks caused the bacterial infections. People are joking that if she can cite the same reason in future too in her real life also. Of course, they have a point baby. What would you answer your husband,if he asks the same?

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