Why is he obsessed with gay comedy?

hqdefaultNot many know that Gay community is specially recognized by many countries across the world,and are giving them their own respect and importance in the society. If at all any one involves in gay fixation, they can be punished seriously in many countries. But,we Indians still did not consider gays to be a different community, and still we make cheap comedy on them in the films. Especially, many of them feel that Tollywood’s Gay Fixation Insulting.

While many films have gay scenes showing them in bad taste, New -age director Vijay Kumar with his obsession to gays in the name of comedy is shocking everyone. He enacted comedy scenes with Josh Ravi and others in Gundajari Gallantayyinde and followed it up with scenes on Josh Ravi in a pub in Oka Laila Kosam. In both the scenes, he made fun of gays showing them in poor taste, insulting the entire community.

Many are of the opinion that he could at-least highlight the problems of gay community rather than belittle them or chose some healthy comedy instead of targeting a particular community.

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