Why is Pawan Kalyan taking such risk?

Gopala-Gopala-posterThis is now a little worrying factor for all Powerstar Pawan Kalyan fans, as they might get shocked after knowing this truth. We all are under impression that Pawan Kalyan has undergone a surgery for his back pain couple of times already. That is how it has been speculated all these days in fact. To everyone’s surprise, on of the closest aids of Powerstar revealed that, Pawan has never undergone a surgery for his back pain. He has been on different medications and also on some powerful pain killers.
The reason being is, If anytime our star hero undergoes surgery, then he should take bed rest for 3-4 weeks to recover. As that pushes his current commitments including the shoot of proposed Gabbar Singh 2, Pawan is living on pain-killers and other medication. Already shooting of Gopala Gopala got postponed twice as the actor suffered severe back pain twice. His backache is said to be playing spoil sport with his mood too.
 Finally Pawan got convinced earlier to go for surgery post wrapping Gopala Gopala, but with Sampath Nandi revealing that Gabbar Singh 2 will roll from November,we should understand that his surgery date is again pushed to summer 2015.

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