Why Nani has so much confidence in Maruthi?

tamil-actor-naan-ee-movie-hero-nani-aka-naveen-kumar-ghanta-photos06With two back to back decent flicks “Yevade Subrahmanyam” and ” Jendapai Kapiraju”, Nani is gearing up for his upcoming flicks with more enthusiasm and energy. On can understand that Nani gets a break in the form of “Yevade Subrahmanyam” after his string of flops.

And now Nani is gearing up to do a film with sensational director Maruthi, which will be produced by Geetha Arts and UV creations. Well, while we all know the kind of image Maruthi got for himself among the audiences, Nani’s positive statement comes as a huge revelation and a big relief for Maruthi. The director is working hard to remove the ‘Boothu director’ tag and achieve a clean director image. Let us wait and see how far will Maruthi succeed in his mission.

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