Why Sruthi Hassan is exposing too much?

Why Sruthi Hassan is exposing too much,Sruthi Hassan Hot,Sruthi Hassan Shruti Haasan  stealing the hearts of all with her multiple talents as singer and dancer too apart from her beautiful looks. However an upcoming actress Swathi Naidu shocked all by insulting Shruti Haasan.
Swathi Naidu is popular for her romantic short films on youtube and she gives sleepless nights to people with her glamour treat. Many brand her as Telugu porn star. When asked about her nude scenes, she shocked all drawing comparisons with Shruti Haasan.
She said if Shruti Hasan wished to be a good actress, she could have acted only in family entertainers and questioned why she is exposing on screen. She questioned when people don’t have objection to Shruti Haasan why should they find fault with me.

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