Why Teja taking risk with cobras there?

Director-TejaIts been a very very long time since the director Teja has given a hit . He has been hardly working on different scripts for some time now. Finally he got a go ahead for the project from Daamu (Producers of Ala Modalaindi) . Hence Teja has decided to shoot his film in dangerous Agumbe forest located in Karnataka. Agumbe forest area is known for large number of deadly cobra snakes. Citing that his script best suits the rainforest region of Agumbe, Teja fixed his mind to shoot there it seems.

As per the records, Agumbe forest region in Karnakata will have rains almost 22 days in a month for which Teja picked up it. He stated that his unit is carrying all vaccines and equipment to deal with snakes and they will shoot without any issues. But risking in the deadly land of cobras is not at all advisable. What say folks?

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