Will Pawan bring luck to His Fan!

A AA Audio Release Date PosterWill Pawan Kalyan all the time will bring luck to his fan? The noted fan Nitin does Pawan’s Bhajan in all his films but all this did not save ‘Chinna Daana Neekosam’ which turned out to be utter flop. So just because Pawan Kalyan released the audio or use of Pawan’s name in the film will not turn the film into superhit.
Nitin is confident that his upcoming entertainer ‘A.Aa..’directed by Trivikram will be superhit as Pawan Kalyan will be attending the audio launch. The question is will Pawan present luck for him? Till the release of ‘A..Aa.’,Nitin did not sign any other film and his next will be depending on the result of ‘A.Aa..’
Nitin is planning to release his film either on May, 11th or May, 12th as ‘Brahmostavam’ is releasing on May, 27th.

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