Will that decision make Cherry regret?

ramcharanengaement-gift1As we all know how good is Maniratnam at direction. Many heroes , heroines, character artistes , Villains die to act in his direction at least for few frames. Why not? He has that stature of course. But we already learnt that Ram Charan has turned down an offer from Maniratnam. Journey never stops for any one in film industry,if one is not available. Hence, Maniratnam roped in young Mallu   hero , Superstar Mammooty’s son Dulquer Salman. Cute girl Nitya Menon playing his love interest in the film.
Sources close to the unit say, This film is an urban love story having Chennai and Mumbai as a backdrop. It was planned with a shoestring budget of Rs 5-6 crore and shooting will be wrapped up by December this year. Release would be in February next year.
Prakash Raj who is playing a pivotal role in the movie on Monday commented: “Dulquer and Nithya Menon wow!! love working with these young breed of actors…With Manirathnam and PC calling the shots life is richer!! Cheers”.
Will Ram Charan regret missing this movie post the release? The confidence of Prakash Raj hints its going to be a smash hit for sure and may be this going to be Mani’s comeback movie. Mega Fans would surely find fault with Cherry for missing a golden opportunity of working with legendary filmmaker who could bring the best out of him.
Time will decide whether hid decision would make him regret. Keep your fingers crossed Cherry.

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