Will the same magic repeat for Chiranjeevi and NTR!

chiru-ntrTill date Simhadri stands as one of the best blockbusters in Young Tiger’s career which released on 11th July, 2003. Chiranjeevi’s Tagore also was an engrossing crime drama which overflows with sharp dialogues against the corrupt system and is shot stylishly by director V.V.Vinaya, released on 24th September, 2003. Both movies went on to become blockbusters. This seems to be interesting as both the stars coming together again in 2016 with Janata garage and Chiru 150th film.

In 2003- Simhadri item song and Mega Star Tagore Scene shooting in Nanakramguda at that time, After 13 years , the same drama repeates. An item song from NTR’s Janatha Garage was being shot at Nanakramguda and on the same premises, key scenes from Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie are being shot.

Let’s hope that both movies will reach the hights and the fame of the superstars raise once again.

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