Workers union strike called off

tfpcThere you go guys,here comes an official declaration from Telugu Film Producers council that the strike of workers union has been called off this evening (5th December) . And as per the latest buzz, it is known that all the shootings that were stopped a few days ago can be resumed from Monday i.e. on 8th December.

It is known that Film Employees Federation has been on strike for the last five days protesting against the clauses of Producers Council while revising the wages. All the shootings in Tollywood have been affected as everything came to standstill.

In a meeting conducted by Producers council, top guns of Tollywood like Trivikram,
have attended the meeting and resolved the issue in the favour of working unions.

So, we need not worry that few top films like “Gopala Gopala”, “Temper” would release on the same dates. So fans, sit back and relax now. Its going to be a fun feast on the eve of Sankranthi.

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