Yet another actress in sex racket

It looks like it doesn’t stop anytime soon. Wonder ,what we are talking about? Well its nothing than actresses involving in prostitution. We still haven’t forgotten the latest issue of Tollywood actressess ,beangali beauty Swetha Basu Prasad,and now here is an incident that took place in Pune.

Recently, Cops burs ted a high-profile prostitution racket in Pune. Among the women who were arrested, there seems to be a Telugu actress but the police weren’t disclosing any details of her.
As per media reports, This so-called actress acted in few films, serials and also does modeling. She has settled down in Mumbai and also getting involved in flesh trade.

All these days Bengaluru and Chennai used to be the ℅ Address for Sex Racket. Due to frequent rides by police in these cities, Small-time Actresses and Models seems to be preferring Mumbai these days. The arrest of Telugu actress in Pune has been giving strength to these reports.

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