Young director caused low BP to Posani?

HYCP22POSANI_636609gIt is quite common for any director no matter he is a junior or senior ,but shouts on sets if something goes wrong. But few directors like Vinayak, Dasharadh ,Sekhar Kammula who are known as cool heads and never their voice on sets,no matter what happens. They are known as calmest directors who just minds their own business and never minds anything else around them when at work. But, can we expect the same with a young debutante director?

Speaking about this, ace comedian Posani Krishnamurali speaks ” Generally all directors bring high Blood Pressure to me with their yelling, but this young-man is bringing me low BP with his silence’. It is all about the young lyricist turn director Krishna Chaitanya with “Rowdy Fellow”
starring Nara Rohit and Visakha Singh as the main leads.

Posani is also playing one of the key characters in “Rowdy Fellow”, says that he was really surprised to see Krishna Chaitanya keeping his calm though any artist missing their lines in any scene, or though some one takes number of shots . Let us see if this cool attitude of this young director reflects in the result in a positive way. “Rowdy Fellow” is scheduled to be released on 21st November.

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