Young director cheats an aspiring hero

Banjara Hills Police StationWe never get to see as many cheating cases as we see in film industry. Especially,those some polluted directors cheat the people who desparately wants to become hero or heroine. These black dongs exploit their needs and capitalize on them. We have seen many cheating cases as such earlier. As per the news, a cheating case has been filed against Director Vamsi Krishna in Banjara Hills police station for alleging duping an actor to the tune of Rs 35 lakhs by promising to make him a hero.
As per cops version, Vamsi Krishna who lives in Srinagar Colony issued a press release informing that he is producing a film under V-Dream Entertainment banner. Aravind who acted in the movie ‘Joru’ approached Vamsi Krishna and urged him to a hero. Vamsi Krishna promised to make him the hero had if he pay Rs 35 lakhs. Aravind has paid the amount.
As the film didn’t go on floors despite waiting for several months, Aravind demanded Vamsi Krishna to return his money. However, The director refused to pay him Rs 35 lakhs and threatened him with dire consequences. As a result, Aravind filed a case in Banjara Hills police station.
Please be aware of such guys folks. Do not fall for such false guys.

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