Young Director Run away with Producer’s Daughter

sriram aditya wiki picsYoung director Sriram Aditya , who got name and face with Actor Sudheer Babu “Bhale Manchi Roju” has recreated the reel scene in his real life too.His venture “Bhale Manchi Roju” story revolves around the bride kidnapped from mid of her wedding, now same concept he applied in his real life too!!!
As per the source, Sriram Aditya run away with a producer’s daughter. The young director was in love with a girl but her parents did not to the marriage. The girl’s marriage was fixed on April, 17th. The wedding cards were distributed and hotel rooms booked for a five-day extravagant wedding. However, on Tuesday the girl run off to marry with Aditya, just three days before her wedding date. We heard that the gril’s parents earlier produced the films with Superstar family. The couple whereabouts are yet to be traced. However, the girl’s father did not file any complaint with the police, since it might damage his reputation in public as well as his daughters.

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