Young hero requests not to buy his own film

ee_rojullo_heroWell, this sounds bit odd and awkward but its true. A young hero who is just getting recognised well is now requesting all the distributors to not buy his own film . Check out the story.

Yuong hero Sri (eerojullo fame )seems to be not happy with the release of his upcoming flick ‘Nari Nari Sri Murari’. And the reasons for Sri’s anger are quite weird too. In fact the truth itself is weird.Sri lambasted Producer Kella Bhaskar Rao for planning to release a movie that wasn’t even shot completely. “Producer told the movie will be completed in 1 Month. However, He winded up the project with 13 days because of financial issues.

He is planning to release the movie on 13th December. How could someone release a half-baked product. It doesn’t even have a proper story and even my role was dubbed by someone else. I have come out in open because the failure of this movie shouldn’t ruin my career,” he says.

Hence, for the benefit of the buyers, Sri is literally requesting the distributors and exhibitors that he knows for the past few days,in order to avoid the loss. In any film industry in India, this might have never happened right?

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