Young hero wants to learn acting now?

Nikhil Press Meet Photos (3)This would be surprising to know that a hero who has already a few super hits flicks under his belt, wants to learn acting now. It has been almost ten years since that hero started his acting career, and now he wants to learn acting it seems. And he is none other than Young actor Nikhil , whose latest flick “Surya vs Surya” is due for a grand release soon.

As part of the promotions of “Surya Vs Surya”, Nikhil shared his thoughts on the movie and his future plans with media the other day. To everyone’s surprise, Nikhil said that he will take a break after the film’s release and will leave for America to pursue a 3 month acting course.

And also he said that he would decide on his future projects, only after he returns from the USA . Surely, Nikhil has set an example for many young heroes with his latest decision to undergo an acting course, which would definitely make him better. Lets wish him all the best.

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