Young heroine talks about her wild fantasy

Regina new photos (14)aEverybody has their own kind of fantasies in life. But , the fantasies of film celebrities would draw more attention from the world than ours. And if its a fantasy of a sexy girl like Regina Cassandra, what else can make it interesting for media .. isn’t it? So, here the beautiful Regina came up with her wildest fantasy which has shocked everyone.

The actress surprised everyone by revealing her widest fantasy. When a journalist asked her plans for enjoyment in Hyderabad on Holi, Regina said that since the entire city is busy in festivities and all the liquor stores are closed, she takes it as an excuse to try out bhang, a festive drink made of opium and charas, just to see how high she would get after drinking it.

We still do not know if she really had Bhang yesterday. Let’s wait and see if Regina comments on the same any-time soon.

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