Young hero’s assistants causing problems

www.hitsongs-in (4)It is quite common that for every hero and heroine and any other lead artistes to have personal assistants on sets. And any one of you have any idea like, how much those assistants charge per day? For example, personal assistants of Bollywood mega star Amitab Bachchan usually charge around 6000/- per day. And coming to Tollywood, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan’s persoanl assistants get a pay of 5,000/- per day. But to a surprise of everyone, we heard a shocking news from one of our sources. Do you have any guesses on how much those personal assistants of young hero Sumanth Ashwin would charge per day? Its just 12,000/- per day it seems. Isn’t that shocking?Usually,. production companies would bare this amount for heroes and their assistants.
A highly-placed source in unit divulged, “Unable to pay for the assistants of the young hero, a film with this hero with once top director has been halted. The director was once a trend-setting director and now going through flop phase. “The young hero, son of a top producer, delivered a hit last year and scored an average run this year.

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