Young hero’s brutal murder shocks everyone

KrishnaThis is a real shocking news that has seen light after a week from the incident happened. A popular and young Kannada hero and producer has been brutally murdered by a group of unidentified persons on 15th night of this month in Belawadi near Mysore. krishna shot to fame in Sandalwood with the super hit film, Hai Krishna and had an immense following among the Kannada film lovers.

If we get into the matter, it is learnt that Krishna attended the Maramma Devi festival celebrations in his hometown Mysore on the 15th night. It was on the same night that a group of 6 abducted Naveen and stabbed him to a brutal death. The actor was in a pool of blood when a passer-by noticed him the next morning and they immediately informed the police.

According to the reports, Krishna suffered severe losses with his films and was supposed to pay crores of debts to his financiers. Police are suspecting his debts to be the prime reason behind his murder. The cops have already arrested two suspects and are investigating the crime.

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