Young wife consumed acid

mumbai-mafia-photo-shoot-6_thThis is definitely a sad news for Bollywood, especially “Happy New Year” time.
Yes it is in deed, as a rare incident took place in North Bhopal, Madhyapradesh. Here is the entire story…read on.

In a weird and unfortunate incident, a 21-year-old married woman consumed acid after her husband reportedly refused to take her to Shah Rukh Khan’s latest Diwali release Happy New Year. It all happened when the woman asked his husband to take her to theater to watch SRK’s Happy New Year, the husband turned down reportedly citing “huge crowd” in theater and went to movie alone leaving her at the home.

Apparently disappointed with this, woman said to have consumed acid. She was rushed to nearby hospital and her statement was recorded before shifting her to another hospital. The woman’s condition is said to be critical. The couple are identified as Neha Sen and Vishal. The incident took place at Khaniya Dana, north of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Cops are further investigating the matter.

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