YVS Chowdary’s special song on “Janasena”

downloadDirector/ Producer YVS Chowdary is trying in all possible ways to bring the maximum attention for his film “Rey”, as its finally got a release date that happens to be on 27th March. As we all know, it should have been Mega hero
Sai Dharam Tej’s debut movie. But due to some severe financial troubles, ‘Rey’ has been in lab since three years almost,which finally is all set to see the light.

It is learnt that, YVS Chowdary is going to use Pawan name for promoting his film.YVS is planning to release a special song from Rey movie which is intentionally made on Pawan Kalyan. It’s already known that Rey film has got the blessings from Pawan Kalyan from the start.

As per the sources, it is learnt that YVS has a special Pawanism song in Rey and he is planning to launch it officially on 14th March , which also happens to be “Janasena” party formation day . This special song is written by Chandrabose and music composed by late Chakri.

Let us see if all these ploys of YVS would really fetch anything?

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