YVS showed his head weight to Pawank Kalyan?

imagesIn cinema industry, we usually won’t get much of a help from anyone one when you are in crisis. Though you beg for a help,no one would around to help you out. But few miracles do happen where few might voluntarily come forward to rescue you. So you got to take that help blindly,as you don’t have any option.But what should we call that person who rejected a great help by a great man when he was in deep financial crisis? YVS Chowdary?

Our sources say that Pawan Kalyan had offered to help YVS Chowdary during one of his toughest times when the movie’s shoot was halted. To everyone’s shock Chowdary then declined Pawan’s help and had reportedly told Pawan that he could overcome it on his own. A strong source spills the beans, “In the midst of making of Rey which went through financial crunch, superstar Pawan Kalyan reportedly send feelers to producer-director YVS Choudury and urged him, to give him a clear picture about the status of the film and how much money is required to complete and assured to release appropriate funds, but director declined the offer and bluffed that everything was well and claimed that he would manage on his own”.

Later when Chowdary mired in huge debts and interests of the debts piled up, even Pawan couldn’t help him much as he reportedly diverted those funds to his family and another friend, adds the source. Had Chowdary agreed to Pawan’s offer then, the movie would have seen the light of the day and Pawan would have easily bailed out the film, Chowdary from financial mess. This is said to be Chowdary’s biggest blunders till date and will remain as one of the biggest ever mistakes in his career.

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