Zero size beauty not interested to play that role

kareena-kapoorEktha Kapoor is one of the leading producers of Bollywood both on small and big screen. No heroine would dare to say no if Ektha approaches her for a role. But , Bollywood’s zero size beauty, Mrs Kareena Kapoor has shocked Ektha Kapoor by gently rejecting a role. Check out the story.

Actually Kareena earlier agreed to play the role of Sangeetha Bijlani on silver screen. Sangeetha happened to be a hot Mumbai model who dated Azhar when he was India cricket team’s captain despite knowing the fact that he is already married. Though Kareena liked this role initially, later she realised that reprising that hot role on silver screen will affect her off-screen friendship with real Sangeetha.

Not only that, if Kareena plays that role of Sageetha, it might embarrass Salman Khan as he and Sangeetha dated for a while before she married Azharuddin. As of now, Anyway Azhar’s biopic hasn’t got any nod from either the former cricketer turned politician or his first wife. But it is learnt that strong lady Ektha Kapoor is very much stubborn to make this possible it seems. Let us see if she can make it anytime soon?

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